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Lake Como is a destination of choice for many people each year. Lake Como has its own microclimate that ensures it is never too cold or too hot. It does see snow occasionally in deepest winter and is an amazing sight, but generally, the snow simply caps the surrounding mountains. In summer it can be hot but is generally pleasantly temperate. Spring and Autumn are ideal for short breaks and to see the full-colour spectrum of Lake Como.
COMO CITY: Hotels in Como, like many cities, can be expensive and a private apartment is often a better choice and there are many nestled amongst the elegant and ancient back streets, a short walk to the town centre and lakefront.

You can search for Como Rentals here, by clicking this link. As an example of our accommodation and what to expect, the photo and link below is one of our great selection overlooking the lake.  Please ask for more help if you wish to know more.
Read more about Como city here

Lake Como has many interesting towns and villages. The West shore of Lake Como has train lines and faster road access to villages such as Varenna and Bellano but the East shore gives access over to Porlezza and Lugano and has towns such as Menaggio, Tremezzo and Cernobbio. The ferry system is, however, the way to travel once there. Wherever you wish to stay or holiday on Lake Como (or its sister lakes) we can offer rentals, villas, apartments, with Lake Como views, swimming pools, pet-friendly accommodation and more.

Eats & Retreats’ Rewards Program is designed to reward our valuable customers with benefits and services that enhance their travel experience in our featured destinations and properties. Lake Como is a dream destination but we do not expect everybody to return each year. The world is full of fabulous places and our company represents some of the best!  Book with and get free member benefits for 2019 & 2020 in some fantastic destinations.
There are no guest service fees applied to our bookings, as found on the large branded US Corporation marketing sites, where you may find our properties. Compare prices and don't forget that the booking is always with the manager anyway, not the websites that add these surcharges.
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A great 30 second Lake Como video of great shots. See if you spot the rich & famous!

If you wish to bring your dog to Lake Como or further afield then we recommend this Pet-Friendly website too.