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We always struggle to convey all our benefits to an owner, there just isn't enough time! There are many reasons why you would select a holiday rental company; referrals, design of the website, payment options, committment to bookings, personalities, commission structure and fees, contractual obligations, payment terms and lots more! This is why we have "pigeon holed" a few above.

We know people want reassurances and have many options available to them, but few, if any provide the level of service, tools, fees and customer service that we do!

Everybody leaves our party with a balloon!

email: [email protected]


Owner & Guest Referrals!


"Just to say "Thank You" for your efficiency in dealing with our bookings. We really appreciate your help and are looking forward to our holiday in April.

The Lake Como villa was superb and everything we hoped for. Our daughters wedding went without a hitch. We really can't thank you enough for the help and your staff have been exemplary in their patience and assistance. " Mike & Sue, Bucks

Getting in touch can introduce you to many new opportunities. Lake Como Homes can connect your holiday home or holiday complex to a marketplace of thousands of potential future guests.